Safe, Clean, & Serene Meeting Places for 12-Step REcovery Programs.

Providing safe and clean building facilities for 12 step recovery meetings and participants in 12 step recovery programs to do work on 12 step programs with sponsors, spiritual advisors, and/or professional advisors. Neutral meeting spaces provide a safety layer for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts in 12 step recovery programs looking to help the next alcoholic or drug addict coming in off the streets.

Distributing Public Information on 12-Step Recovery Programs.

Ordering and maintaining an inventory of 12-step recovery literature like the "Big Book" of Alcoholic Anonymous and printed information like meeting schedules, event information, recovery center information, developing original content on recovery, and other inspirational literature that offer experience, strength, and hope to the next alcoholic or drug addict coming in the doors of recovery.

Public Educational Forums on Alchol, Drug Addiction, & The Road To Recovery.

We share our experience, strength, and hope with schools, religious institutions, businesses, healthcare providers, and families in need of education on alcohol and drug addiction. Our experiences can help prevent youth from going down the wrong road, as well as break down some of the barriers a drug addict has about treatment centers and 12 step recovery programs. We offer public speakers for achohol and drug awareness programs.

Halfway House and Other Recovery Community Information

In order to stay clean and sober, many alcoholics must abandon everyone they know, meaning many choose to live in "halfway houses" or "Oxford Houses" depending on the organization operating the living facility. We have worked with quite a few recovery based organizations that provide housing specifically for recovering addicts and alcoholics. We try to give recovering addicts & alcoholics a place to look at housing options in recovery.

Community Service & Giving Back To the Community As Volunteers

Recovery is about more than just not drinking or doing drugs. For alcoholics and drug addicts too much free time could mean a trip by a bar or friends house with old problems, setting many addicts & alcoholics up for failure. Filling free time with productive activities like volunteering at the local homeless shelter or at the local charity organization. Giving back to the community not only helps addicts & alcoholics stay sober, but it also builds self-esteem as well.

Scholarship Programs for Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment

Most treatment centers recommend long-term recovery plans for alcoholics and drug addicts leaving 30-day treatment programs or 7-day detox facilities. 12 step recovery programs and attending 12 step meetings are usually included in these plans. Working closely with the medical community to help keep doors open for these meetings, our network has provided us

Our Mission

Our primary purpose before all other goals of our organization is to keep the location open and affordable rent for self-supporting 12-step organizations. Many of these organizations have very few members and offering a diverse group of organizations that meet daily, can only increase the chances of recovery for someone with substance abuse issues. We have met this goal for the last 30+ years, so above all, providing affordable, safe, and clean meeting space is our first objective.

Being blessed with such a great facility with a supportive landlord, we have been blessed to have the opportunity to offer such a great facility for the recovery community in Rowan County and Salisbury, NC. Together working with local philanthropists, Rebos Club, Inc. and Rowan County are at the forefront of fighting alcoholism and the opiod crisis facing the United States today. Having a facility with digital and print resources for nearby detox and inpatient treatment facilities, 12 step recovery group meeting information, in addition to a host of other educational material related to the 12 steps of recovery, usually borrowed for the Alcoholics Anonymous book.

Last but not least, we would like to offer scholarships, work to recovery programs, and other ways to provide financial assistance to drug addicts and alcoholics in need of medical detoxification and/or inpatient treatment to remove themselves from cycles of drug addiction. Cooperation with the medical community is an essential key in getting addicts and alcoholics sober and back to living productive lives as human beings. Alcoholics and drug addicts drink and use to feel a part of something, having a strong connection to the medical community allows them to give patients a place to go to hang out with other people who like to be sober.


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Get Alcohol or Drug Addiction Help

If you need immediate help with your drug or alcohol addiction problem, please feel free to call us 24 hours a day. If you are in a medical emergency, physically or mentally, please call professional help or 911.