About Rebos Club

About Rebos Club Recovery Center

What is Rebos Club?

The Rebos Club was founded over 30 years ago by a group of recovering alcoholics looking to hold meetings for a 12 step recovery program called Alcoholics Anonymous. While we have no affiliation whatsoever with AA, these founding members always wanted an affordable, clean, and safe place for Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs that concentrate on alcoholism and drug addiction.

While Alcoholics Anonymous is a self-supporting program, they do not engage in the purchasing and leasing buildings, so in keeping with the sacred tradition, Rebos was formed to handle the business side of leasing building space, and mainly as a way these recovering alcoholics could keep the door open and spread their message of experience, strength, and hope of putting down the drink and turning over a new way of life.

Forming a legal organization was the best way to ensure that the rent was paid, the power and water stayed on, and keep rent affordable for the AA groups meeting there.